I'm Yani! Wife. Mom. Photographer.

´╗┐Margarita & Mojito lover.

Every time I get behind the lens, I look at it like a new challenge; a new way of creating a piece of art. My goal is to take a split second and breathe life into it, in an artistic and unexpected way.

Capturing love, and unique beauty is something that brings me SO much joy. Something about bringing out a persons inner beauty, and letting it shine through an image makes me the happiest person on this earth. It is such an honor to get to capture couples during one of the most important days of their life, women who are vulnerable and raw in a boudoir shoot, and glowing new mamas during maternity photoshoots. Each shoot brings with it a sort of magic that is only found with authentic emotion, and real connection.

When you hire me to take photos of you, or your family, you are not just hiring someone with a camera. I want more than to just take a picture. I want you to look at your photos and feel something. I want you to see your unique beauty. I want you to feel like the images you receive are not only artistic and creative, but also inextricably YOU.